Episode #40 – Travel Medicine Could SAVE YOUR LIFE… Travel Medicine 101 Explained by an MD

Do you love to travel? Stop what you’re doing right now and watch this video, it could save your life. International travel brings with it the excitement of new experiences, cultures and unfortunately sometimes, new diseases. Before you embark on the trip of your dreams, learn what you can do to travel safely and return home well.


Episode #39 – The PLACEBO Effect… The Problem of Self-Medicating – MD Explains All

I think everyone has seen those late-night infomercials claiming to solve some medical issue with a pill or power for three easy payments of $19.99… And you know what, they probably work! But not in the way you think. There’s a multimillion dollar industry that takes advantage of one classic phenomena… The Placebo Effect.

Episode #38 – No COVID-19 Vaccine Could Mean No HEALTHCARE – MD Explains ALL

In this episode I talk about what I consider to be a very dangerous topic: healthcare professionals refusing to treat people who have not gotten fully vaccinated for COVID-19. This, of course, goes against how I believe healthcare professionals should conduct themselves, but even beyond that, it goes against the fabric of how the healthcare industry has operated for generations. As a society, if we say it’s okay not to treat people because of their own personal choices, then we’ll find ourselves quickly withholding care based on nothing more than how your doctor may feel about you. Is that really what we want?

Episode #37 – COVID-19 Pandemic is FINALLY Ending – BUT That Doesn’t Mean It’s Gone for Good… MD Explains ALL

Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic is finally coming to an end. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean it’s gone for good but all signs point to the coronavirus becoming more and more like the common cold rather than a deadly virus. What does this mean for the future? What can we expect from the vaccine strategy moving forward? Is natural immunity key? I go over all of this and more in today’s episode.

Episode #36 – Do Not Resuscitate (DNR): How to Choose this Status and STILL Get Proper Care – MD Explains ALL

In the last episode I made about the Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Status I go over exactly what DNR is, when someone should choose DNR status and why. I also went deep into the research to find out what really happens to people who choose DNR status. My findings were surprising and unsettling, to say the least, revealing that some healthcare professionals interpret “do not resuscitate” as “do not treat.”

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