Episode #35 – Electronic Health Records Are NOT What you Think They Are… – MD Explains

If doctor offices are claiming to use electronic health records, why is that when you go in for a visit you are still handed a clipboard? Electronic health records have been around for over ten years now yet studies show that doctors are spending an astounding amount of time per patient filling out these records. In today’s episode, I go over what electronic health records are, the pros and cons of using electronic health records, my unique insight into why electronic health records are the way they are and a proposed solution to making them more efficient for the patient and the doctor.


Episode #34 – DANGERS of Healthcare Consolidation- Your Doctor is an EMPLOYEE – MD Explains

What does the airline industry, cell phone industry, and even hotel industry have in common with the healthcare industry? Consolidation. Looking at each of these industries I think we can all agree that consolidation has not improved them. No one would say that the airlines are providing better food, larger seats, less fees, etc. or that when you call your cell phone company your wait times to talk to a human being are getting shorter. So, what does consolidation mean for the healthcare industry? Why should we be concerned that more and more doctors are now employees rather than running private practices?

Episode #33 – How to Prepare for the NEXT Pandemic (Disease X) – MD Explains

We already know COVID-19 won’t be the last pandemic. The increased threat of pandemics is nothing new; epidemiologists have warned of the prospect of a major new illness, sometimes referred to as Disease X, for years. What have we learned from the current pandemic to help us better prepare for the next one? To better protect ourselves next time around, we need to start by analyzing the major risk factors and evaluating our current vaccine production infrastructure. COVID-19 shouldn’t be seen as a crisis that has passed, but as what could be a practice run for the main event.

Episode #32 – How to Talk to Your Doctor and Get the MOST Out of Your Doctor Appointments – MD Explains ALL

Do you ever leave your doctor’s office thinking, “what just happened?” I hear from patients, friends and family all the time about doctor appointments they’ve gone to and when asked about what the doctor said their answer is: “oh she didn’t really say much.” Working in the medical field for the past 20+ years, I know this cannot be the case. In today’s episode I want to teach you how to better navigate your doctor appointments, how to talk to your doctor and ultimately get the most out of your doctor appointments so you leave your next visit knowing exactly what is going on with your health.

Episode #31 – Omicron Variant: The FUTURE of COVID-19 in 2022 – MD Explains ALL

The COVID-19 Omicron variant emerged in South Africa and is the newest variant to be elevated to a “variant of concern.” The question is, will our vaccines still be effective against the Omicron variant? That was the concern when the COVID-19 Delta Variant came out, and thankfully, our vaccines remain effective against the Delta Variant and even more so for those who have received the booster shot. In today’s episode I go over the Omicron variant and what it says about the future of COVID-19 as we move into the year 2022.

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