When Jonathan Baktari MD, was arguably at the peak of his medical career, he saw an opportunity to try something new. Taking everything he’s learned as a doctor, medical director, educator and entrepreneur, he launched three businesses – a preventative health and wellness company, drug testing / software enterprise, and nationwide laboratory testing company – that are driven by technology and designed for fast, customer-centric service. Now, as those businesses grow, he’s continuing to write his second career chapter as motivator and speaker through his podcast, Crash CEO School.

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US Gateway is a full platform solution for any TPA or CRA in the drug & alcohol testing industry. We are revolutionizing the way TPAs and CRAs can service their clients to schedule a drug / alcohol test, manage random consortiums, offer online trainings, create drug free workplace policy manuals and much more!
US Drug Test Centers is a nationwide network of over 20,000 testing centers in the US. Our mission is to provide your business with immediate testing solutions for your drug and alcohol testing and drug-free workplace needs.
eNational Testing is your comprehensive resource for laboratory testing services. Through our secure platform,we offer a complete range of testing services — all without ever requiring a doctor visit. Our team of experienced healthcare professionals is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality care and service in a private, convenient manner. 
e7 Health provides 7 sectors of preventive medical care in the convenience of a one-stop clinic. Our proprietary owned and developed e7 Health suite of software systems allows us to leverage technology to provide cutting-edge medical care while providing efficiencies and cost savings for our clients.

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