When Jonathan Baktari MD, was arguably at the peak of his medical career, he saw an opportunity to try something new. Taking everything he’s learned as a doctor, medical director and educator, he launched three businesses – a vaccine clinic, drug testing enterprise, and nationwide testing services – that are driven by technology and designed for fast, customer-centric service. Now, as those businesses grow, he’s continuing to write his second career chapter as a health care CEO.

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e7 Health provides 7 sectors of preventive medical care in the convenience of a one-stop clinic. Our proprietary owned and developed e7 Health suite of software systems allows us to leverage technology to provide cutting-edge medical care while providing efficiencies and cost savings for our clients.

eNational Testing is your comprehensive resource for laboratory testing services. Through our secure platform,we offer a complete range of testing services — all without ever requiring a doctor visit. Our team of experienced healthcare professionals is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality care and service in a private, convenient manner. 

US Drug Test Centers is a nationwide network of over 20,000 testing centers in the US. Our mission is to provide your business with immediate testing solutions for your drug and alcohol testing and drug-free workplace needs.

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Reinventing the Preventative Healthcare & Wellness Market

e7 Health, founded in 2009, is a fast growing preventative health and wellness company, committed to providing the highest quality health services in new and innovative ways. We specialize in seven unique verticals of service.

Headquartered, Nevada, e7 Health has two clinics located in Las Vegas Northwest and Las Vegas Southeast.

e7 health clinic

2 Clinics

Jonathan Baktari MD e7 health clinics

7 Services

Our Mission

To run 500 health centers nationwide and monetize the current challenges in the preventative healthcare system.

Target Clinics
Target Revenue Growth/Clinic

Investment Highlights

500 Clinics

Targeted to run a total of 500 clinics within the next two years to capture the significant shift in healthcare spending from treatment to prevention in the United States, as consumers are spending less on insurance and more on health, wellness and preventative measures.

A nationwide footprint would allow e7 Health to cater to a larger number of corporations, schools and individuals that would double their current revenue per clinic from $1.7M to $3.5M within few years.

$1.7M to $3.5M

High Profitability

Maintain a high profitability as compared to its peer group because of its unique business model, quality of service, accessibility and customer loyalty. With a nationwide footprint, it would further improve its profitability.

Offering a seamless digital customer experience using its a cloud-based proprietary software, “e7 Charts.” This software allows the patient to register for an appointment, submit and view their medical records, and access their test results, which automatically get updated on the patient portal.

Seamless Digital Customer Experience

Incredible Customer Reviews and High Ratings

Maintaining incredible customer reviews and high ratings as it seeks to maintain its reputation by setting its own standard in providing quality services and keeping its customers satisfied.

Proven Business Model

($ in ‘000)

Growing at a CAGR of 26% since



(in ‘000)

Growing at a CAGR of 12% since



Gross Margin
(in ‘000)

Optimally managing cost
and keeping the margins
above industry average


The Future of Healthcare

Save 100K Lives

every year

if everyone follows recommended preventative care

94% Employers

expect to sponsor health
benefits in next 5 years

Save 42,000 Lives

every year

Vaccines save an estimated 42,000 lives every year in the U.S. alone, 3X more than seatbelts and child restraints combined


Healthcare Spending

According to CDC, Chronic diseases that are avoidable through Preventative Care Services account for 75% of the nation’s healthcare spending

Experienced Management Team

Jonathan Baktari MD Head Shot

Chief Executive Officer

Executive Vice President

Director of IT

Digital Marketing Specialist

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