Travel Health and Holiday Safety Amid COVID-19

Halloween is over, which means that holiday planning is in full gear. Many of us will be retreating indoors to avoid the cold. Friends and family will be coming together to celebrate. Travelers are booking tickets and arranging accommodations and transportation in anticipation of their next big trip.

These are the exact environments that viruses thrive in.

The winter season can already be harder on your body. Pollution stays stagnant in the colder, denser air, which hangs lower to the ground and stays put, unlike in the warmer seasons. The flu will make its return. And because we’re going to be in closer proximity to each other, catching germs is easier than normal.

Taking the necessary precautions is vital to protecting your health and the health of people around you. Here’s what you can do.

PCR Testing in Advance

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing looks for the genetic material of the coronavirus. It’s a rapid way to determine whether or not you’ve currently got the virus. e7 Health offers FDA-authorized PCR testing, with results delivered electronically in two hours or less. Same-day appointments are available, and testing is drive-up.

PCR testing is a quick and simple way to make sure that you stay safe through the holiday celebrations. Importantly, note that if you plan to travel or attend special events, they may require negative PCR test results in advance.

Prevention is always your best bet. Get vaccinated, and for an added layer of protection, order PCR testing leading up to any holiday gatherings or trips.

Schedule your two-hour PCR testing now.

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Author: Jonathan Baktari MD

CEO of e7health and US Drug Test Centers

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